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Jul 17, 2021
AATON XTR Motion Picture Camera Package - S/N C-1344. USED with Zeiss 10-100mm T1.8 Vario-Sonnar lens, hand grip, 1:1.78 HDTV/Super-16 viewing screen, PL and AATON lens mounts. Custom B&W video assist, SMPTE time code, NP1 battery adapter. Lightweight support rods, bridge plate top with 15mm rod.

- Three (3) AATON XTR MAGAZINE - SUPER-16 (M3721, M3724 AND M3908)
- Three (3) Aspen NP-1 12V batteries with Sony charger (batteries need re-cell)
- Three AATON batteries with charger (1 x 16V & 2 x 12V batteries, need re-cell)
- One (1) NEW custom matte box 4x4" with hinged sunshade & 4x4 pole filter
- One (1) XTR eyepiece extension
- One (1) Media Logic 4 Xtal speed control with AATON cable
- One (1) PL lens port alignment tool
- One (1) Cine Tech Titanium SL follow focus